tapacard Products

Loyalty Program for Customers

Turn occasional customers into regulars. Boost customer loyalty with unique rewards that fit your business and give your customers a reason to return again and again. Understand who your customers are, how they’re engaging with your loyalty program and what drives them back in. Reach new customers with tapacard mobile, and online presense and your business will easily be discovered by new & existing customers.

Tapacard use a tier system to reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases.

Finding a balance between attainable and desirable rewards is a challenge for most companies designing loyalty programs. One way to combat this is to implement a tiered system which rewards initial loyalty and encourages more purchases.

We don't charge an upfront fee for VIP benefits, our programs are meant to break down barriers between customers and your business.

We have a huge partner base with companies across the country. Our Tapacard program, launched in Oct. 2015, lets consumers pool their rewards from various small businesses and more.

Tapacard is also a Location-Based Promotion application for customers. As soon as the user is in or around the store, s/he can find promotions around them. Additionally, the storeowner can see how many members are in or around the store and broadcast the offers at tapacard.

Tapacard is also the fast, painless way to digitize and archive receipts and important paper documents in a single, secure location. Tapacard scans receipts, business cards and other documents and turns these scanned images into useful data that is categorized, organized, fully searchable and available anytime, anywhere.