Frequently Asked Questions

What is tapacard?

tapacard is a universal loyalty program that offers unique and exceptional rewards to places you love.

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    How tapacard works?

    Earn points by scanning the barcode of your tapacard on the in-store tablet. Points are specific to each business and can only be used for redemption at that location.
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    Security is our top priority

    We use the same SSL encryption used by major banks worldwide. Furthermore, we store little or no personal data and we don't share any of your data with any third party vendor without your consent.
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    Free Account

    If you haven’t signed up for your forever free tapacard account, claim your free account today.
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    tapacard Locations

    You can check out tapacard locations by checking our locations page. You can also view locations in our mobile app. Just check locations to find businesses near you.
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    I got a new phone. Did I lose my points?

    All tapacard acitivity is tied to your email address. As long as you are logged into your app with the same email address and password used with your old phone, the app on your new phone will have all of your points.