About us

tapacard is a Loyalty Reward program which also lets you know about promotions.
Founded in 2015, tapacard is accepted by lots of businesses. Start using Tapacard today. Pick up Tap a Card at any participating location or download our free TAPACARD App for an even better experience.

Tapacard FAQ

Why choose us?

Customers return for rewards they’ll love. Rewards enable your brand to attract and retain loyal customers. Tapacard enables you to check in from your phone, find local rewards, find local promotions, target rewards you want, discover Tapacard Businesses, view your TapaCard activity, and join a Rewards Program.

Our mobile app can read QR Codes and Bar Codes as well, and keep track of your receipts.

  • Benefits


    Track and manage expenses.

  • Rewards


    Make your rewards tracking easy.

  • Security


    Our software provides state of the art security.

Easy to use

tapacard is easy to use, just follow these steps

  • First step

    Get Rewarded

    Get rewards at tapacard businesses. If you have an iPhone or Android, simply download our free tapacard app.

  • Second step

    Find Promotions

    Find local promotions near you using Tapacard.

  • Third step

    Email receipt processing

    Give business your tapacard provided email address and get your receipt organized under your tapacard.com account. You can also forward your Promos from your registered email by sending them to Promos@tapacard.com

  • Fourth step

    Picture Receipt Processing

    Take a picture with your tapacard iPhone, Android apps and your documents will automatically sync to your tapacard.com Web account.